“Dementia affects every family differently – which is why we wanted to create a children’s book that was relevant to your family’s situation.”

Matthew Adams – Project Founder

Hi – we’re the Äikäs-Adams family and we came up with idea of a personalised children’s book about dementia, way back, in 2015.

Nina’s grandmother had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and we recall one evening, sitting around the table with the wider family, discussing the way her gran had been acting and the things she had been saying. It was tricky enough for us adults to make sense of – so how would a child make sense of it? It got us thinking: how would we explain granny’s dementia to our daughter?

The question “how do you explain dementia to a six year old?” stuck and led to The Ally Bally Bee Project. Children’s books about dementia do exist, as do personalised books…we decided to combine the two.

Meet the team

Lana Äikäs-Adams
The Boss
Matthew Adams
Nina Äikäs
Daisy Wilson
Elvira Ashby
Jody Hogg
Graphic Designer