Gold Sponsor Blog: Ananda Aged Care

Gold Sponsor of the Ally Bally bee Project, Ananda Aged Care, share an insight into their work with people living with dementia and why they support the project.


Ananda Aged Care is a South Australian family-owned and operated Residential Aged Care organisation with 204 places across two sites in Adelaide. Many of our 300-strong staff have worked loyally at Ananda for decades and we have an ethos of compassion, comfort and care with a vision for the community to be able to entrust the support of their loved ones in our homes. Our point of difference is that personalised level of care with dynamic and innovative ideas in our homes. Our Directors have regular involvement with a hands-on approach. Art, creativity and sport, in particular sponsoring our local basketball team has opened up many amazing and unique opportunities for our residents.


As Clinical Director with a background in radiation oncology and palliative care, in recent times it has been liberating to embrace mindful art and personally creating books for our residents and their extended families. Certainly, we have also created a picture book for younger members of families to demystify Residential Aged Care and allow an easier transition process.


Clinical Director, Dr Newman, with resident Gary.


Having Memory Support Units at both our sites specialising in dementia care, quite often we witness young  children become confused by the changes experienced by grandparents with dementia but also witness a sense of loss and grief by their own parents. Supporting the generations, encouraging inter-generational activity and realising this is a challenging, emotional time and being prepared to cater for everyone in the family is what we do best at Ananda.


It’s never easy to support end stage residents, and particularly those with dementia, but to ensure this time is comfortable, calm and maintaining respect and dignity is certainly a rewarding aspect for the team. One of the highlights of my job is forming the network of developing talent amongst our staff and of course leading by example when communicating with residents and their loved ones. Having the liberty to continuously enhance our care practices and the standards we achieve is a most satisfying aspect to my career.


You’ll always find a welcome smiling face at Ananda.


The decision to sponsor the Ally Bally Bee Project was an easy one for Ananda as its aims align so perfectly with what we do at Ananda every day. We continuously strive for a seamless transition into our homes and bring down the barriers for all ages. We are all about open, honest, age appropriate communication around dementia, especially for children and constantly caring for our residents most at risk with humane reverence. Congratulations to the Ally Bally bee Project for realising a fantastic, global resource that Ananda Aged Care is proud to be a part of ongoing.



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Rachel Cram

Digital Marketing Assistant at The Ally Bally Bee Project
Digital Marketing Assistant with the Ally Bally bee Project. Working with the Äikäs-Adams family to help more children understand dementia!
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