We think The Ally Bally Bee Project is pretty awesome – but don’t take our word for it.

Karen Lau
“"Jamie never spoke about his Papa's illness...until his book arrived"”
“Congrats for such an amazing project.”
Lorraine Cook
“This is amazing my children struggle to understand what is happening to their Grandad. I ❤️ this idea?? involved”
“What a lovely idea  ☹️?
Erin Marcus
“What a wonderful project you are undertaking! The distance with their grandchildren is sad to see.”
Jenny De Courcy
“What a lovely idea!
Dr Catrin Hedd Jones
“Good to see intergenerational links to tackling stigma.”
Nikita Puri
“Awesome idea on making personalized children's book about Dementia. Very informative and creative 😀 Awesome project :D”
Emma Walker
“Great idea. I've explained Grandad's wobbly legs (MS) to my 3 year old, but working out when / how to tell about dementia??”
DementiaResources NZ
“Such an innovative idea! I love it! #dementia #brnz #dementiaresources ”
Rachel Stroud
“Amazing blog... and an interesting project!”
“Love your children's book idea, btw.”
“Good work @_Ally_Bally_Bee #Congratulations ”
Suraj Shah
“Fascinating work by @_Ally_Bally_Bee who are on a mission to create a personalised children's book about #dementia.”
Anna volkmer
“Fantastic idea to communicate with children about living with dementia”
Debbie Meech
“Love this idea of how you use children's books to explain dementia. @_Ally_Bally_Bee”
Michelle Chaffee
“How do you explain #dementia to a 6 year old? Good work @_Ally_Bally_Bee”
Extreme Memory
“How great is this? Teaching kids about #dementia through personalized children's books ”
Nelson Dellis
“How cool is this? Teaching kids about #dementia through personalized children's books. LOVE IT”
“Great idea - children's books to explain dementia! Thanks @_Ally_Bally_Bee”
The Solution Experts
“Thank you, fantastic project, keep up the great work #innovative #inspiring #supportive ”
St Helens Young Carers
“Great idea – dementia can be so hard for children to understand.”
Hayley Smith
“I love this, it's looking amazing! X”
Denise Wilton
“Great idea to help raise with children. Look forward to hearing more when you're ready to launch.”
Katy-Ann Webb
“What a fabulous idea to help young people understand the ever growing numbers of people affected by dementia ?❤️
Skelton Callender
“This is such a great idea!”
Carlos King
“Respect what you are doing, all the best with it!”
Alison Murray
“Great idea - kids may make the best dementia friends.”
Guideposts – Sarah
“What an amazing idea! Wishing you all the best.”
Surrey Heath LC
“Helping children understand - looking forward to see this approach”
Care Cabs
“This is a wonderful idea :)”
“What a wonderful initiative!”
Little Voice
“Wow we are so in love! Sounds like a promising read!”
“Love the stunning new website & illustrations to personalise and educate children on
Julie Ann Frazier
“Wonderful project that helps children understand what's happening to loved one!”
“Brilliant idea. Super illustrations-some of the best I've seen!”
Berni Baer
“This is such a wonderful project, thank you for doing this.”
Kazza Woo
this is a fab!”
Mizen to Malin 16
“Brilliant project
Cathy Mc Shane
“Such an interesting project.”
David Hunt
“What an amazing idea. Explaining to a child through personalised storytelling.”
“What a wonderful idea and worthwhile cause
Kate Chennells
“Such an amazing and interesting idea to help children understand . Inspiring and so creative ☺
“Love your work!”
FM PracticeSolutions
“Such a wonderful project to teach about x”
Lori Ramos Lemasters
“Great mission!!”
“What a fantastic concept! Very personal to my heart and grt to see that children are not forgotten.”
Debbie Carroll
“Well done, great project, dementia affects entire families.”
Mairi Houldsworth
“Sounds fabulous and enormously useful.”
“Congrats ! Such a great project 🙂
Christine Murphy
“Sounds like a great book.”
Katy Scales
“Such a fantastic project!”
Derek Fisher
“Great and very innovative.”
Our Memory Lanes
“Best of luck with everything. I'd love to stay in touch. Your ideas are fabulous.”
“What an excellent idea!! So hard for kids to get the hang of it! Count us in!! X”
“Such a fantastic idea of creating children's books about dementia. Wishing all the best for this project.”
“I'm so excited for this! I can't wait to see the outcome ?
Emma Hardy
“What a thoughtful and fantastic idea! Look forward to seeing this develop!”
Karolina Dirgelaite
“What a great idea you guys are, I look forward to learning more!”
Sarah Stagnell
“Can't wait till this is available
“Love this.”
Paper Birch
“Your project looks incredible & so forward thinking.”
Dementia World Links
“Brilliant! ”
Wendy Nicholson
“Sounds fabulous”
Danielle Dinham
“I'm looking forward to this I can't wait ?”
In-Home Care
“Great idea!”
Julie Clifford
“Fabulous idea. Best of luck with the project.”
Claire Dawson
“You have an interesting & beautiful looking project – good luck.”
Heather B
“This is such a great idea! Including children in the conversation about dementia is crucial.”
“What a good idea. My parents' dementia has been very hard on my child.”
“Wow....this works looks amazing....will watch with huge interest x”
Raymond Smith
“Such a great idea! ???”
“Check out - @_Ally_Bally_Bee they're working on creating a children's book to explain dementia!”
Grafix Print
“Great work @_Ally_Bally_Bee . Subject very close to my heart as grandfather passed away last year with dementia. Happy to help.”
Anke Mccarthy
“What a fabulous idea!”
“What wonderful idea from @_Ally_Bally_Bee ”
“Would love to #getinvolved how can we help? ”
“Love your mission!”
Michael Lindfield
“Wonderful project that's inclusive of all communities and nationalities.”
Dear Mama Song
“Great idea! ”
Jonathan, H.
“A book to explain #dementia to 6 year old? What an amazing idea. ”
“Your book is a great idea. So necessary. ”
Leighs Pet Care
“What a brilliant idea! I will be subscribing to your news letter.”
Rosie Wyatt
“Great idea. My daughter was four when my mum was diagnosed. So hard to understand.”
Slam for Alzheimer’s
“Creating personalized children's books about dementia is such a wonderful idea! Much success to you!”
“Good luck - a really valuable resource for families ”
“Looking forward to seeing your project come to completion... My four and two year old would like a book!”
“What a fantastic idea! The younger people learn about dementia the better”
“We absolutely LOVE this book helping children to understand dementia. Well done @_Ally_Bally_Bee project. We are great supporters of this.”
“Sounds amazing!”
“This is wonderful project. India old age wishes you all the best for this.”
“ what a great project ☺️”
“Very best of luck with your amazing project. We all need to think about #dementia!”
“Such a great idea! ”
Tasha MacKinnon
“Such an amazing idea - personalized story to explain to your child the signs & symptoms of a loved ones dementia! #inspired”
Flair Home Help
“Help and support @_Ally_Bally_Bee creating a personalised childrens book on Dementia #HelpDementia”
Hannah Hunt
“Looking forward to seeing your project come to completion... My four and two year old would like a book!”
Sarah Cameron
“@davidwalliams Have you seen @_Ally_Bally_Bee ? Book to help children understand dementia. Social enterprise.”
Danielle Dinham
“Brilliant idea to educate children on this from when their young. I've a 5yr old nephew who I would love to get this for ?”
“What a fantastic idea. Everyone give @_Ally_Bally_Bee a follow and support this project”
“What a fantastic idea! The younger people learn about dementia the better”
Emma Hooper
“Love the graphics @_Ally_Bally_Bee ? ”
Alex Davies
“What a fantastic idea! #dementia #alzheimers ”
Geoff Barker
“Love your illustrator's style on new website - strange, reminds me of something i love, yet unique.”
Barbara Henderson
“Fab new look on the website! Sets the tone for what you're doing - gentle, caring and imaginative. Love it!”
Sarah Stagnell
“I look forward to keeping an eye on @_Ally_Bally_Bee #dementiaawareness”
Older Persons Physio
“What a good idea. #dementia is a difficult topic to explain to children. Let me know if I can help!”
“That's really fantastic work you guys are doing...keep it up.”
“Explored your website & it's so positive with wonderful ideas to keep the love & connection flowing.”
Garfield Coetzee RSA
“Great work you guys!!”
James Murray-White
“Wonderful project.”
“Very good mission @_Ally_Bally_Bee”
“A very worthwhile project. Our Dad Kuhn lived a long and loving life despite #dementia.”
“I wish I'd had these for my children with my mum, wasn't easy to explain. An amazing idea good luck ?”
“Amazing project #inspiration”
“This is such a wonderful idea. It can be scary for young children.”
“This is a great idea.”
“Love your book idea.”
“Wonderful idea, my G.sons,+ neice would benefit from book, don't always know how to explain mums illness when they visit.”
“What an inspiring concept and project #dementia #education”
“Loving what @_Ally_Bally_Bee are creating! Check it out.”
“Great initiative!”
“This is a great idea, my nana had Alzheimer's in her 50's, passed when she was in her 80's. No one told me what to expect.”
“Great idea, my youngest daughter is 12 now but started with her dad a few years ago now, hard to explain it.”
“This looks really interesting #awareness #dementia.”
“Such a beautiful project you run. Well done! Thank you for your recognition.”
“This is such a wonderful and creative idea! What a gift to someone with Dementia, well done.”
“So important to educate children from a young age.”
“What a fascinating and thoughtful project.”
“A terrific project to help children to understand dementia.”
“We love this your idea & look forward to seeing your innovative children's #book to help explain #dementia to our #children.”
“I think its great what you are doing. my Mum in law has alzheimers and it's so hard for kids to understand the changes.”
“Wonderful mission! Dementia has such a large impact on every member of the family, Kudos for making a positive impact.”
“Great resource really hit a note with twitter land today – inspiring.”
“We think your book idea is great! ”
“What a great idea!”
“What a wonderful, wonderful idea”
“Only just found out about this! Creating a book about #dementia for children! #amazing!!”
“Great idea about the book!”
“wow this would be amazing we are looking at improving dementia awareness in schools so this book would be brilliant.”
“Great idea...let us know if/how we can help!”
“Really interesting Dementia work.”
“This is a great idea and should definitely be DONE!”
“Amazing work!”
“good luck with your mission! A much needed resource - looking forward to seeing your progress!”
“Looking forward to hearing about your book, it can be such a difficult time for children.”
“What an amazing idea @_Ally_Bally_Bee is!”
“Thank you for what you are doing it's very important and appreciated.”
“Great initiative! Hard enough for adults to understand.”
“...this sounds great...”
“Sound great!”
“Great project!”
“Such an important topic!”
“Raising dementia awareness in a meaningful way”
“What a fabulous project you're on.”
“We'd love to know more about what you're doing.”
“What a fantastic project!”
“A wonderful idea. Will share with families.”
“What an absolutely brilliant idea!!”
“Sounds like a great project.”
“Great job with the blog.”
“Thank you for the opportunity & for your wonderful project.”
“This is a fantastic idea! Can't wait to see your amazing book.”
“excited about the project!”
“What an amazing project.”
“@_Ally_Bally_Bee you have so much to offer!”
“What fab idea. Wish you'd been around when my 9 & 15 yr olds had to watch their bro with dementia frm terminal #braintumour”
“Love this idea”
“I'm very interested in your endeavours”
“This is a fab project! :)”
“I stay informed on children's books about #Alzheimer's through you.”
“Keep up your good work xxx”
“Your project sounds beautiful and children are the key to a dementia friendly future!”
“You have a great idea - it's never too early to begin talking about #dementia!”
“Just love your idea, children are often forgotten with #dementia x”
“Really inspired by your work.”
“This is such a wonderful project. The relationship between kids and dementia patients can be so beneficial to both. ”
“What a great project. Easy to forget how it can affect a child when a beloved relative develops Alzheimer's”
“check out @_Ally_Bally_Bee btw, read their description, so wonderful ?”
“@_Ally_Bally_Bee what a FAB idea ❤️”
“You're doing great work!”
“@_Ally_Bally_Bee good vision”
“You are doing a great job.”
“Sounds like a fantastic project!”
“I'd really like to see a book for when MUM/DAD has dementia for children, not just grandparents ”
“If we can relay a person's real self, a child will remember him or her beautifully #Alzheimers”
“Love your project, very innovative thinking! #children #memories”
“Congrats for your awesome work”
“What great work you are doing :)”
“Brilliant idea...looking forward to following it's development”
“Great work Ally_Bally_Bee!”