Behind the scenes on our children’s book photo shoot

The following post has been taken from (co-Founder) Nina’s personal blog:

Just a quick post about where we’re at with the Ally Bally Bee Project at the moment – the project behind the world’s first children’s book about dementia that my husband Matthew has been working so hard on for over 2 years now. I’m excited to say that the book is finally here and has been sent out to everybody who ordered it through Kickstarter, woohoo!

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Me, my dad, and dementia

As 25-year-old memories go, it’s pretty vivid…

We were in Portugal. It was baking hot. My cheeks ached from my goggles, which were too tight and had been on all day. I’d been diving in and out of the swimming pool, scooping up coins from the blue and white tiles. I’d found enough to buy a small wooden sail boat I’d seen in a gift shop in town.

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